The Effective Recessed Lighting Fixtures For Your House

If you are searching for the easiest way to improve the look of just about any room within your home, whether it’s your entry hall, bathroom, kitchen or family room, the most effective kind of lights to choose could well be recessed lighting fixtures. Recessed lighting became popular during the 1950s when contemporary home decor demanded fixtures that were sleek and stylish. Recessed lighting (also known as can lights and down-lights) is one of today’s most widespread and adaptable lighting uses on the market. It works extremely well with the new trends of layering light and task lighting. Recessed lighting fixtures were easily hidden because they were installed into the ceiling, rather than against it. This ensured a smooth design that did not interfere with the ceiling’s appearance. Recessed lights consist of three parts, the housing, bulb and trim.

Recessed lighting is considered energy efficient because it requires low-voltage bulbs. You can even adjust the intensity of light using a dimmer switch that allows total control over how much light the bulbs emit. Accordingly, setting the brightness to a lower amount will use less energy. Once installed, recessed lighting fixtures cannot be moved to another location. When installed in versatile spaces, like living rooms and family rooms, recessed lighting cannot be moved as needed. And recessed lighting cannot be adjusted according to decor either, making them a better alternative for less versatile spaces like bathrooms, where furniture is fixed. Some recessed lighting fixtures allow you to tilt bulbs in different directions, but these resemble spotlights and are not a viable option for lighting an entire room. Because recessed lighting is installed directly into the ceiling, there are no exposed wires to attract unwanted attention. And unlike light fixtures that sit against the floor, like lamps, there are no wires to trip over. This makes recessed lighting a safe choice for homes with small children, accident-prone individuals, the disabled or the elderly. Recessed fixtures are readily available in 6-, 5- and 4-inch aperture sizes.

Fixtures can be downward-focused, directionally-focused, designed for sloped ceilings or partially-shaded for wall-wash. Shower-light receptacles can be used in the presence of moisture, and decorative designs include pin-hole, beauty-spot, bulging-lenses and pendant styles. Fixtures are designed for new construction, where there is easy access to the attic, and remodel-recessed, for installation where there is no direct access. Fixtures are further IC (insulation-contact) or non-IC rated, providing safety in situations where fixtures may come in contact with attic or other insulation. Recessed lights are wonderful requirements to any home’s lighting fixtures. The versatility combined with its ability to enhance any feature one would want in the home puts it on every homeowner’s wish list.

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